Instagram PRINCESS NOOSHIE | IPHONE 4 & IPHONE 5 GIVEAWAY! (it looks pretty on...


(it looks pretty on your blog its a picture)

My whole family uses apple products and form time to time they send us this for free, i already have a iPhone 5 so i though i would give this iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 away.  which sounds crazy but i guess it will be fun!

  • it’s iPhone 4. black 32gb. 
  • the other is iPhone 5. black. 64gb. 
  • I’m using and putting all the urls who reblog into the generator twice and those who like once whoever is picked randomly wins! 


  • you must be following me: touchmynirvana
  • I’m not sure when i will announce the winner yet but it will be soon
  • message me with any questions.
  • you must be able to give me an address of home/work/school/or somewhere i can send them to you 

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